General business conditions



1.1.    These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "GTC") govern the rights and obligations of the Buyer and of Boggi's sro, with its registered office: Komenského 217/29, 943 01 Štúrovo, IČO: 46 743 651, VAT No .: SK2023558185, Registry of the District Court Nitra, Section: Sro, Insert number 32070 / N, (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") when entering into purchase contracts via the Internet, via the e-shop located


1.2.    The supervisory authority of the company is the Slovak Trade Inspection and the
           relevant regional State Veterinary and Food Administration. 



  • The conclusion of the purchase agreement under which the company delivers to the buyer the goods ordered (the "purchase contract") is made on the basis of a proposal for the conclusion of a purchase contract and a written acceptance of the proposal for the conclusion of a purchase contract by the company.


  • The proposal for the conclusion of the contract is the order of the customer addressed to the company (hereinafter referred to as "the order"). The order can be done without registration by filling in the order form / billing data on the website and sending it via e-shop or after registering using the account at


  • It is only possible to register on the website for those who purchase goods sold by the company as part of their business (so-called retail and / or wholesale). Subscriber registration is provided by the company itself, at the request of the subscriber (the applicant for registration), which the applicant sends to the company at Login data for a registered user's user account will send the company to the applicant via e-mail to the e-mail address specified in the request. If you lose your login (e.g., login, password), it is necessary for the user to send a request to the company to resubmit original login data. The required login information will be sent to the registered subscriber at the e-mail address specified in the customer registration process (primary subscriber registration).


  • The order includes inter alia:
  1. a statement confirming that the buyer has become acquainted with these GTCs, which are an integral part of the Purchase Agreement and fully agree with them,
  2. a statement stating that he has been instructed on the possibility of withdrawing from the purchase contract,
  3. declaration of the truthfulness of the data provided
  4. a statement stating that he has been instructed on an alternative dispute resolution option.


  • Cancellation of the order is terminated by:
  1. rejection of the order by the company,
  2. the 7-day deadline for order confirmation.


  • Confirmation of the order is acceptance of the proposal for the conclusion of the contract. Order confirmation is a timely written statement of the company addressed to the buyer in the form of an email confirming that the buyer's order is received. Confirmation of the order will take effect at the moment of delivery of the order confirmation to the buyer at the e-mail address given in the order form.


  • Silence or inactivity of the company does not constitute confirmation of the order. The company is also entitled to refuse the order even in silence, resp. without giving any reason. In this case, the buyer is not entitled to enter into a purchase contract.


  • The purchase agreement is closed when the order confirmation comes into effect, i.e. the moment of delivery of the order confirmation to the buyer at the e-mail address given in the order form. The subject of the concluded purchase contract is the obligation of the company to deliver the goods ordered to the buyer at the specified delivery point and the buyer's obligation to buy the goods at the agreed time and place and take over and pay for the purchase price and shipping.


  • Any change of order after the conclusion of the purchase contract is a proposal to change the content of the purchase contract and is only possible by mutual agreement between the buyer and the company.




  • The purchase price for the ordered goods is listed in the current offer, order, and order confirmation. The purchase price always includes VAT and is set in Euro.


  • The Company reserves the right to change the price at its sole discretion. The purchase price of the goods is valid at the time of the order creation.


  • The purchase price of the goods does not include the cost of transporting the goods from the warehouse to the place of delivery, which will be charged separately to the buyer according to the way the goods are delivered to the place of delivery chosen by the buyer.


  • After the purchase agreement is concluded, the buyer undertakes to pay the purchase price of the company in one of the following ways from which the buyer is entitled to choose when ordering the goods:
  1. Direct payment to the bank account of the company
  2. Payment on delivery
  3. Payment gateway for payment by credit card - TrustPay
  4. Payment in cash for a personalized subscription through a virtual cash register (VRP) - payment of the invoice


  • The buyer's obligation to pay the purchase price is met when the amount equal to the purchase price is credited to the company's account given in the order confirmation or by the delivery of the purchase price to the courier or the Slovak Post. When paying for a company account, the buyer undertakes to provide the correct variable symbol on the order confirmation. The buyer notes that if the incorrect variable symbol is entered, the system may not assign the accrued payment to its order.


  • All stocks pay until the stock is sold unless otherwise is stated for a specific product.




  • Delivery time within which the company is required to deliver the goods to the buyer is 15 days.


  • With different delivery methods, respectively. its delivery to the delivery point is linked to different delivery times.


  • When choosing the method of payment of the purchase price by direct payment to the bank account of the company, the delivery period starts running from the day the purchase price is credited to the bank account of the company, provided that the buyer has given the correct variable symbol for payment. In the case of an incorrect variable symbol, the delivery period begins to run from the date of assignment of the payment to the buyer's order.


  • If the company discovers that the goods are unavailable from the order, despite the fact that the supplier has provided other information about availability, the company will immediately inform the customer and offer the option of selecting another product or cancel the order. If the order was paid, the company would refund the money for the sold title to the customer.




  • The place of delivery is the address that the buyer stated in the order as the place of delivery and the company confirmed it as the place of delivery on the order confirmation.


  • The place of delivery may also be the business premises of the company, located at the address of the company's premises - Moča 170, 946 37 Moča




6.1.    The buyer can choose to transport the goods to the delivery point in the process
           ordering the goods after marking the goods and specifying the place of delivery.


6.2.    The methods of transporting the goods to the place of delivery are:

  1. Slovenská pošta - to the address of the customer
  2. Slovenská pošta - package at the Post Office
  3. Transport by couriers
  4. In person


6.3.    Information on the cost of shipping (postage) and the usual time of shipment to the 
          place of delivery is always given for a particular type of goods transport.




  • The company's obligation to deliver the goods is fulfilled by handing the ordered goods to the buyer or the authorized person at the place of delivery. The delivery and receipt of the goods must be confirmed in writing by the buyer in the delivery note, which he receives at the same time. Subsequently, the buyer receives an accounting document - an invoice, which also serves as a warranty card, at the e-mail address given in the order.


  • The company's obligation to deliver goods is considered to be met even if the company was ready to hand over the goods to the buyer at the agreed place and time, if he / she allows him / her to take over the goods and the buyer has not taken the goods for other reasons than the company's reasons.


  • If the buyer does not take the goods and the goods are returned to the company, the company is entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract and the buyer will demand reimbursement of the shipping costs and the packaging related to the unsuccessful delivery of the goods.




  • If the order has not been dispatched to the ordering party, the order can be revoked by e-mail or by phone. In the event of an order cancellation, the Company does not charge any penalties or other fees. If the purchase price has already been paid and an order has been withdrawn pursuant to this GBC, the Company shall return the Purchaser's Purchase Price already paid within 14 business days by wire transfer to the Customer's account unless otherwise agreed with the Customer.


  • Under the Act 102/2014 Z.z. on the protection of the consumer in the sale of goods or the provision of services on the basis of a distance contract or a contract concluded outside the premises of the seller and amending certain laws (hereinafter referred to as the "Sale of Goods at a Distance"), the buyer who is the consumer is entitled without reason to withdraw from the purchase contract within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods by the buyer or authorized person.


  • In order to withdraw an order as well as to withdraw from the contract, it is necessary to provide the name and surname, e-mail, order number, description of the ordered goods and account number for the purposes of the refund. In order to maintain legal certainty and the veracity of the order, withdrawal from the contract the company recommends that the buyer withdraw the order, respectively. the withdrawal was sent by letter to the following address: Komenského 217/29, 943 01 Štúrovo or by e-mail to:


  • In the case of withdrawal from the contract via e-mail, the company is obliged to send an email confirming receipt of the withdrawal of the contract to the buyer.


  • The withdrawal period is deemed to be maintained if the notice of withdrawal has been sent to the company no later than the last day of the withdrawal period. By withdrawing the buyer from the contract, the contract is abolished from the beginning.


  • After withdrawal, the company is required to:
  1. take the goods back from the buyer, and the buyer is obliged to send the goods to: Moča 170, 946 37 Moča. It is recommended to send the goods as a package by registered mail. Do not send the goods by delivery because the company will not take over the cash. Put a copy of the tax document we sent to you with the goods and a copy of the shipment from the delivery agent.


  1. return the buyer without undue delay, but not later than 14 working days from the date of delivery of the notice of withdrawal, all payments received by him or her under the contract or in connection therewith.


  • The Company reserves the right to withhold the purchase price until the buyer returns the goods. In the case of return of damaged goods and / or goods whose value is reduced as a result of such treatment that goes beyond the treatment necessary to ascertain the characteristics and functionality of the goods, the company returns purchaser's purchase price less the compensation for the damage caused to the goods. The company's claim for damages expires by offsetting against the buyer's claim for a refund of the purchase price. Purchase price, resp. the rest of it after the damage reduction returns the company to the buyer by bank transfer to the designated account, unless we agree otherwise with the buyer.


  • The buyer is obliged to send the goods back or hand it over to the company within 14 days of the date of withdrawal. The time limit referred to in the first sentence shall be deemed to be preserved if the goods were handed over for shipment not later than the last day of the period. The costs of returning goods are borne by the buyer.


  • The company is entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract for the following reasons:
  1. if the buyer did not pay the purchase price within 30 days of the confirmation of the order,
  2. if the buyer does not take over the ordered goods from the courier on the agreed date due to reasons other than the company's reasons
  3. if the buyer does not take over the ordered goods to the relevant post office within the specified withdrawal period,
  4. if the buyer does not take over the ordered goods at a point of sale within the prescribed withdrawal period,
  5. if, despite all the efforts of the company that may be required, the company is not able to deliver the goods, in particular because the goods have been sold, are no longer produced or delivered and are not in the company's ability to otherwise obtain it,


  • Withdrawal from the contract is effective on the date on which the resignation is delivered to the buyer, with the withdrawal being sufficient to deliver the withdrawal in the form of an email. The already paid purchase price will return the buyer to the buyer within 14 days of withdrawal by cashless transfer to the buyer's account unless otherwise agreed with the buyer.


  • However, the withdrawal of the company does not affect the Company's claim for damages consisting in particular of the costs incurred in connection with the mercurial attempt to deliver the goods to the buyer.


  • Any claims against the buyer are the company entitled to satisfy the funds paid by the buyer and to reimburse the amount deducted from their claims.




  • The Company processes the buyer's personal data in the scope, manner and purpose that is in accordance with the provisions of Act no. 18/2018 Z.z. on the Protection of Personal Data and on the Modification of Certain Acts (the "Personal Data Protection Act"). The company further specifies the rights and obligations to process personal data in a separate document "Privacy Policy", which is located at the following link:





  • 2018 These GTCs will enter into force on 26.09.2018


  • An indispensable part of these GTCs is also:
  1. Protection of personal data
  2. Complaint procedure
  3. Information on Alternative Dispute Resolution
  4. Model withdrawal form


  • Any changes to these GTCs will take effect on the day of their publication on the website


  • The legal relationships established by the purchase contract will be governed by the provisions of the purchase contract (i.e. the contents of the order and the order confirmation), the provisions of these GTC, the relevant provisions of the Civil Code (in the case of registered users by the provisions of the Commercial Code), the provisions of the contract taking precedence over the provisions of these GTC and the provisions generally binding legislation, and the provisions of these GTCs take precedence over the provisions of generally binding legislation.


  • If any provision of these GBCs is or becomes invalid, ineffective and / or unenforceable, the validity, effectiveness and / or enforceability of the other provisions of these GBCs is not affected, unless this excludes the very nature of such a provision in accordance with applicable legislation. The parties undertake without undue delay to replace the provision in question with new provisions in force, the content of which will, to the maximum extent possible, serve the purpose of the original provision, when they find that some of the provisions of the purchase contract or of these GBCs are invalid, ineffective and / or unenforceable.


published on: 17.9.2018

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